I am a Johannesburg-based photographer. I am sentimental & adore beautiful photographs. I believe they are such an important part of documenting life. I love the fact that in a photograph you can capture a moment , an expression, an emotion, a scene and a memory- forever!

So what makes me different to all the other photographers you’ve just found on Google? Well, I aim to capture the real moments, the real people you are today. There is something beautiful about a family, a couple, a person as they are right now in their day-to-day life (with all the craziness and small imperfections that we often wish away) and my work captures that genuineness. These images, patched together are proof of your past & your experiences. They are evidence of your memories to pass on to your children that tell a story. YOUR real story.

These photos should be the best they can be. You should love looking at them & be proud to share them. I would be honoured to be the one to capture your memories!

Photography is something I do because it just makes me happy and when I’m taking your photos, I’m doing what I love most! How lucky am I to be able to follow my passion?


4 thoughts on “Paige

  1. I love your photography! My boyfriend and I are looking for something similar to your couples photo shoot, but as soon as we’re ready we will be sure to contact you 🙂 keep up the great work!

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